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Enhancing preparedness skills and knowledge in the areas of medical preparedness, first responder preparedness, public health preparedness, and business/industry preparedness through affordable, needs-based training; customized organizational assistance; and comprehensive resources.


In 2002, in response to Federal and State initiatives to establish and improve the public health system's response to biological events, Nebraska Health and Human Services commissioned the state's two medical schools - Creighton University Medical Center and University of Nebraska Medical Center - to join forces to form The Center for Biopreparedness Education, which is under the direction of the Chiefs of the Infectious Disease Departments at both medical centers and a multi agency consortium.

Participation in our programs has increased steadily as a result of increased program offerings based on information from a variety of sources. The type and number of programs we offer varies year to year based on information collected from several sources:

  • Health Professions Tracking collaborative needs assessment surveys
  • Evaluations from all Center programs
  • Surveys to past participants
  • Regular input from Consortium members
  • Input from program partners
  • Extensive networking at conferences and with others in the preparedness community
  • Outreach to business and industry

Although the Center’s audiences have traditionally been health care, public health and first responders, as preparedness needs change and the disaster scenarios we face evolve, our programs and other offerings also evolve to meet emerging needs.  

The Center serves a broad base of professionals involved in preparedness activities at all levels of their organizations and their communities. We anticipate this diverse mix of professionals will continue to grow as we expand our program offerings into the business/industry and educational sectors.

We offer continuing education credits for most of our programs, thus providing an added value to the busy professionals we serve.



Dr. Gary Gorby of Creighton University Medical Center and Dr. Philip Smith of University of Nebraska Medical Center serve as co-directors of the Center. Sharon Medcalf serves as Associate Director.




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